L’obligation de souscrire une assurance auto

An obligation: legislation imposes the obligation to take out minimum insurance for all “motor vehicles”. This means that many vehicles use wheels with 2,3,4 or more wheels equipped with an engine. Thus, scooters, motorcycles, cars must be covered and even quads, car seats, electric bicycles, ride-on mowers, etc. Taking out insurance also means protecting yourself and others. The accident does not only happen to other people. You can be responsible at any time for a traffic accident, but also for a patient. So, to travel in complete serenity, it is better to be guaranteed! For boat insurance, please contact: www.onlyyacht.com .

Motor third party liability insurance policy

Very simply, “third party” collection, also known as motor third party liability insurance policy, is the most fundamental type of contract to cover your car. This is the minimum amount of automobile insurance required by law. It is therefore the cheapest insurance contract for drivers. As the most basic policy, third party auto insurance offers only limited security. In its own civil liability policy, it only covers material damage and bodily injury that may be caused to a third party for an injury for which you are liable. Damage caused is not covered. In concrete terms, in the event of a responsible claim, you will have to finance the repairs to your car and compensate your own bodily injuries.  For any questions regarding private boat insurance, we advise you to contact experienced professionals.

The automotive budget

Maintenance, overhaul and fuel… the size of the automobile budget forces some drivers to focus on savings, as opposed to guarantees, when choosing an insurance contract. And yet, an extremely protective formulation can avoid many disadvantages. Indeed, whereas “third party” insurance ceases with the civil liability policy, “all risk” contracts present a high amount of policy, not only for the driver, but also for his car. All risk” insurance will be the best method to protect classic, new and valuable cars. In the event of an accident, repair costs will be minimized thanks to this optimal formulation. Also known as “all accidents”, the wording “all risks” covers a very wide range of damages and guarantees compensation in most situations: liable third parties, identified or unidentified third parties.

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